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Did you know Pauline Turner gives a money-back guarantee that you learn what you enrol for in a one-day workshop at Morecambe Lancashire? Beginners do get their money back if they do not learn in the day. Other people who enrol for the day and state what it is they want to learn, also qualify if they do not succeed.

This does not necessarily mean you will like crochet if your love is another craft, but it does mean you can enhance your own craft with crochet, making it unique. Alternatively you could discover you love crochet or an aspect of crochet that is new to you, and enjoy a whole new craft adventure.

In January Pauline taught broomstick, textured Tunisian, freeform crochet at Higham Hall, Cumbria. Watch for her next visit in this wonderful residential college (day visitors welcome)

2018 is Special

See the Calendar of Events for all the places you can talk to Pauline and ask her questions. Besides talking to her on the Crochet Design stand at Wonderwool; she will be lecturing and teaching at the 40th anniversary of the Knitting and Crochet Guild in Warwick on 14th/15th July. Later in the month Pauline flies to Portland, Oregon, USA to teach at the Chain Link convention. These dates are 24th to 28th July. Contact Crochet Design if you need further information about these events.

'Crochet for the Absolute Beginner' first started out as 'The Beginner's Guide to Crochet' in 2005 and reprinted every year since until it had the new look and became ‘Crochet for the Absolute Beginner’ in 2014. It has proved to be a huge success over the years and this year will see it being translated into Danish.

Crochet Design Know-How

More and more people than ever are requesting knowledge about crochet techniques. Not all the patterns and instructions via social media are as helpful as they first seem and Crochet Design receives a lot of “Can you help?” emails.

January is the perfect month for recovering from the hectic days of the various festive seasons. It is the perfect time to take a mini-break. Three days at Higham Hall is an excellent solution. Tunisian, Broomstick, Freeform crochet single days can all be linked together for a 3-day residential mini holiday in time to set you up for the coming year.

Crochet Design has the answers through:

  • Pauline Turner’s publications
  • At a Morecambe one-day workshop (which has a money=back guarantee you learn what you requested and was agreed when booking)
  • The distance learning International Diploma in Crochet Course (for the serious crochet worker who wants a professional look to their work)
  • Short two or three day courses held in various places.